The Challenge:

With a brand that is so fun and lively, we still needed to be able to present information clearly and concisely for the user. Allowing them to quickly understand what Audley is and what made them different.
We designed a fact layout system that would live on the labels of each bottle, removing any patterns to allow the food to be the star of the show. All corresponding to the specific meal/protein type for faster recognition by the user, right in the store.

The Approach:

With a sea of brown boxes and plain package labels being delivered around the world each day, it was important to create something that would stand out in the crowd. We wanted to develop a look that was fun and would be something exciting to come home and find on your doorstep or amongst the other drink options in store. A look that evoked the fun a customer was about to have while drinking an Audley smoothie. 

Social Media Management

When approaching the Audley Social Media
Outlets it was one of our main goals to
make this brand as eyecatching and beautiful
as it is on the inside. While creating the
identity systems our team decided it would be
best to position Audley as an approachable
and timeless brand by using natural colors
and telling an authentic and uplifting voice
that’s very similar to the CEO of the brand,
Jenna Newbrey. 

Content Creation

Creating the visual content for Audley was
a no brainer. CEO, Jenna wanted the brand
to feel inspiring, real, and true. With
hese key words we knew building out lifestyle
content as well as pairing beautiful imagery
alongside encouraging text elements would be
ideal. We created custom typography to be
featured on the social outlets as well as on
Instagram stories.

Brand Identity

When developing the symbol for Audley, we were
struck by the beauty and uniqueness of the
smoothie process, how it all starts with a farmer
and the movement from the field to the consumer
all coming full circle.

The mission of Audley to reduce the rates of
imperfect produce going to waste, we knew we
had to pay homage in the symolism of how it all
starts with 1 person and works it’s way to make
a full circle. 

Package Design

We decided that the fun shouldn’t end when you
open your smoothie. Taking the same direction
as the exterior of the smoothie, we created a
fun and unique bag system that would allow the
user to have another level of excitement, all
while working as a recognition device. With each
color bag corresponding to a specific protein
or ingredient, they ultimately lent themselves
to expanding the identity systems to broaden
audience recognition.



Staging photoshoots outside of the physical space gives potential customers the ability to picture the pieces in the environment of a home.

We also shot detailed product shots, allowing customers to see the fine details and nuances of each smoothie.

By showing pieces in use and by themselves, we allowed the customers to see the beauty in each smoothie, while envisioning the pieces fitting into their lives.