Bright Tattoo

We reimagined the face of the Bright Tattoo brand with a new visual identity, and content strategy. With custom visuals and messaging inspired by the products tattooers for generations trusted, a pop-centric visual system was developed with a pastel color palette to denote the lighter and brighter era of tattooing.

The Challenge:

Bright needed boutique-style service and a high impact,
multi market media strategy with great value for its
launch and sustain phases. They needed to break through
the consumer retail static and drive online sales and
customer journeys with fresh, high-visibility media.

The Approach:

Utilizing our knowledge in social media, we decided to
take a straight forward approach. To allow Bright Tattoo
products to shine we created visually stimulating imagery
and paired it with verbiage that is factual yet approachable.
We shared in depth details on how the product is made,
the story of Bright Tattoo’s CEO, Christy as well as shared
tid bits about evolving factors in the tattoo industry.

Social Media Management

By creating eye catching visuals we decided instagram would be the most
ideal spot to release this content in the beginning stages of Bright Tattoo.
We paired our visuals with other artists around the country as a way to
call out to the tattoo community. It was essential in order to build an
audience that is not only interested in tattoo’s but the aftercare process.

Creative / Art Direction

Through the many creative stages we had the opportunity
to direct on the brand visuals. After creating numerous
mood boards and sketches. We chose the models as well
as did prop styling and art directing throughout every

Content Creation

We created a photo style emphasizing customers as people.
We balanced authentic lifestyle images with studio shots that
own Bright Tattoos pastel color palette. The result is an ownable
photography style that is unmistakably Bright.

The Outcome

Our fun, empowering approach to Bright Tattoo care saw rapid
adoption. When the experience was fun and trustworthy, it
became a no-brainer approach to the expensive and inconvenient