While many CBD companies are content to offer the same products as their competitors, Dogwood rises above the trends to deliver a beneficial and thoughtout product.

The Challenge:

Dogwood Botanicals came to us with a
mission in mind. To create and
communicate a stand out CBD brand that
pulled from their southern roots as well
as meshed well in today’s modern market.
It was our challenge to create something
that paid homage to the past and propel
Dogwood into a timeless age of modern
technology through brand identity,
packaging, and digital activations

The Approach:

When developing the wordmark for Dogwood
Botanicals,we took inspiration from vintage
fashion brands that never go out of style.
Creating a bold recognizable Dogwood stamp,
that will grow with the brand for years
to come.

We created a uniquely and identifiable look
to help Dogwood stay true to their southern
roots as well asstand out in all brand settings.
In store, online, in your hand.

01. Brand Identity

When developing the new symbol for Dogwood Botanicals,
it was important for them to have an icon that could
describe what they did, without screaming it.

We worked collaboratively  as a team to develop the
wordmark as well as the dogwood icon – a symbol that
would quickly inform and always reference the beginnings
of the company, even as they branch out into other
endeavors down the line.

02. Package Design 

We developed a multicolored box with a labeling system that
would fit seamlessly into the modular design. Creating a box
that would be striking on the shelf and provide multiple levels
of information to the potential customer. We used a
color-coded system for the lable as well as the box design,
tabs with the highlighted details such as their brand being
woman owned. It all created space for us us to blend within
the branding allowing for quick recognition, and plenty of
information for the CBD customer.

03.Social Media Management

Our approach to social media was straight forward. We
calculated who Dogwood’s target audience was, where
they lived, what their needs were, and how to begin a
conversation. We did this by not only creating relatable
on brand content but starting conversations with all types
of people in order to better communicate who Dogwood is,
and where Dogwood is heading.

04. Content Creation

After completing the brand identity and beginning to research
how to activate this brand in the digital space we found that
in order for the Dogwood brand to stand out we were going to
have to do something different. We changed our strategy and
engaged with all sorts of people for data. Our conclusions for
visuals were that we needed to create a welcoming lifestyle brand
around the Dogwood CBD product.


-Social Media 

After creating the brand identity it was time to begin our research on the CBD industry. As we learned it is a very new niche market and we found that it would be our job to inform consumers with knowledge around what CBD is. We decided to make the Dogwood Botanicals platform not only beautiful, but create a deeper meaning as well. We did this by hosting a CBD trivia weekly on their platform to get their growing audience intrigued and engaged. This helped us not only share the Dogwood mission but allow the consumer to be apart of the journey through digital interactions.

The Facts:

We started the Dogwood Botanicals social media platform in the early launch phases. We worked with them in this phase for 3 months and these are the numbers we saw:

Follower Increase: +2,436
Avg. Weekly Profile Visits: +988
Avg. Engagement Rate: +15%
Avg. Story Viewers: +219
Avg Comments: +23 / post
Avg. Post Likes: +212