The Challenge 

Boma approached O&M with a few different problems needing solutions. After learning more about the company through CEO, Suzanne Chaya we learned that Boma has been around for 39 years. They are very well established and doing an amazing job in the wholesale realm. But it was apparent that O&M needed to help bring this brand up to speed in the digital space. Boma needed compelling and up to date imagery that appealed to their already existing customers as well as new incoming customers, a brand refresh, along with building an online audience to boost sales via e-commerce.

The Approach

After numerous meetings and discovery sessions, we came to the conclusion that we were going to need to take a storytelling approach. With Boma being a lead sterling silver company with over 200 employees it was key for us to tell the story of how this company came to be, why it is where it is today, and all of the amazing touch points they stand for. Boma is a nontoxic jewelry company with a brand ethos very rare. And we wanted to tell this story.